Mama Zoey & Puppies Rescue (MZPR) is a foster-based rescue which means all of our adoptable dogs are living in a loving home until adopted.  Our rescue’s foster families are the backbone of our rescue, and we would not be successful without their continued commitment to our dogs. By staying in a foster home, our adoptable dogs get a jump start on socialization and training.  Some of our adoptable dogs arrived at our rescue from very dire circumstances, so MZPR is proud to offer love, affection and structure from day one.

I hear that you are interested in fostering?  Here is some high-level information about what that entails:


MZPR provides you with the needed supplies.  We’ve got it covered for you.  From food to crates, toys to puppy pads, and much more, the rescue will provide you with the needed dog supplies to care for your foster dog.

MZPR covers veterinary expenses.  All of our adoptable dogs are vaccinated and sterilized in accordance with the Illinois Department of Agriculture Animal Welfare Act.  We have a dedicated licensed veterinary facility that helps us administer vaccinations, as well as spay or neuter our adoptable dogs, when they reach the appropriate age.

You assist with transportation as needed.  This will usually include bringing your foster dog to our veterinary facility and adoption events.  As a rescue without a dedicated facility, adoption events are critical to getting your foster dog in front of potential adopters.  We need fosters that are prepared and dedicated to spending a couple days each month at our scheduled adoption events.

You help us spread the word.  One big responsibility for you as a foster family is to spread the word about your foster dog.  Whether on social media, talking with friends, family, co-workers, or trips to Petsmart, MZPR looks to you to help promote that your foster dog is available for adoption.  We also ask that you help us keep up-to-date with photos and bio information of your foster dog for our web site.

You provide the love and care.  What might be the most important task for you is to love your foster dog until adopted.  You are the key to helping your foster dog acclimate to being part of a family. Depending on the age of the foster dog, and its circumstances prior to being in MZPR’s care, this might include potty training, learning to walk on a leash and basic obedience.


Are you ready to take that next step to help a foster dog?  To become part of the MZPR foster family, your first step is to complete our application here.  


Once your application is received, you can expect a follow up from a MZPR crew member within 1-2 days.  

We will start by scheduling a home check.  During the home check, MZPR crew members want the opportunity to meet with you and all other family members that live in the foster home, including any current pets.  Not only is this our opportunity to meet with you and get a feel for the space in which the foster dog would live, but it is also a chance for you to ask all the questions you might have for us.  We can also have a discussion about your experience with dogs, as well as the personality and interests of you and your family. All of this information will help us determine the right dog for you to foster.  

The next step is a meet & greet with the foster dog.  If MZPR has an adoptable dog needing a foster home, and we believe you would be the right one, we will set a time for you to meet the dog.  Depending on your unique situation, this can occur at your home or at a neutral location. If currently have a dog, we plan for a neutral location such as a local park, dedicated doggie daycare, etc.  During this time, you have the opportunity to play with the dog and see how it interacts with your family. At the same time, we keep an eye out for its reactions to you and your family, including your own dog.  MZPR will be able to answer any additional questions you have and provide you with specific details on the mannerisms and personality traits of the possible foster dog that we have observed to date.

Lastly you will complete a Foster Contract. If both the home check and meet & greet work great, a MZPR crew member will take the time to walk you through the Foster Contract.  This contract will outline all of our expectations for you as a foster family, as well as what you can expect from MZPR while fostering one of our adoptable dogs.  MZPR will also provide you with a Foster Home Permit as required by the Illinois Department of Agriculture.