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Dan & Kendall


Kendall and Dan have been in the rescue world for about 7 years. The reason they do this is for all the dogs out there that need help. They are the voices for the un-heard. They have a beating heart and they deserve a second chance at life. They deserve a loving and warm life just like us humans.

Dan and Kendall met 11 years ago and they share the same love for animals. It all started by finding a dog running the streets of Romeoville, IL who later on found their fur-ever home. From there they helped out another local rescue and while helping them out, they found Rocco who was a Shar-Sharpie Pit Mix. Rocco had cancer but that did not stop Dan and Kendall from wanting adopt him and give him the life that he deserved. Unfortunately, Rocco crossed the rainbow bridge in February 2013.

In June of 2014, Dan & Kendall rescued a pregnant pitbull whose name was Zoey. If it wasn’t for them, Mama and her babies would have been euthanized. Zoey inspired the couple to begin their own rescue. In 2017, they finally got licensed & that is when Mama Zoey & Puppies Rescue was created.

In the last 7 years they have helped over 100 dogs get rescued and find their fur-ever homes. Dan and Kendall have met so many new people throughout this journey that they call their rescue family. They are extremely grateful for everyone that has helped and believed in them. Dan & Kendall try to save as many dogs as possible & everything that they do is for the dogs.

When Dan & Kendall find time to themselves, they are relaxing at home with their pups, hanging out with the other rescue members or their family. They are always keeping their eyes open and find away to keep helping animals. Rescue never sleeps. RESCUE-ADOPT-DONATE!