We adopted our puppy Rufus (formerly Jack) from Mama Zoey & Puppies Rescue. Dan and Kendall are both very informative and professional; it shows that their hearts are with each and every dog that they rescue. We can’t thank them and their staff enough for all that they do.
— Kathleen

We were very fortunate to get our pup from Mama Zoey &Puppy Rescue. Odin has been the best addition to our family and we are forever grateful they trusted us with their puppy.
— Stacey

I adopted Murphy from you and he is doing great. He was rather thin, but now he is well fed. He plays with his 3 brothers Troy, Mickey and Duncan. He loves to play tug of war. The adoption was easy and you were very kind and helpful. I am glad to see that you care enough to help these dogs find forever homes that truly want them. Murphy says “hi”.
— Laura

My baby of 13 years passed on December 7th of 2017. Someone had posted that a local rescue was looking for some items and gave a list. I had some of the things they were looking for and could spare some of my now deceased dog’s things for others in need. I messaged the person tagged in the post and packed up the car. My son (then 3) went to a little house not far from ours and we were greeted by a very upbeat and friendly man and one by one very happy dogs. From that day on, we were friends. We came often and snuggled Mama Abby’s pups and watched them go to their homes 2 months later. All while getting closer to our new furry and human rescue friends. In April, came Mama Ivy and her 4 pups. They handed me Oscar and I melted. No one else existed. The room fell away and it was just me and this little pup. I just knew he was meant to be in our family. I said, I don’t know if I’m ready. My son said but mom I’m ready and that was that. In July Oscar came home. He and his big brother are so happy to have each other.
— Mary